About us


Bottoms English Lawyers was established in 1979, and has a long history of serving clients across Queensland, including Cape York. Bottoms English Lawyers are the firm of solicitors who acted on behalf of applicants in the following notable cases:

The Stolen Wages (Qld)

we secured an unprecedented and historic settlement of $190m for First Nation workers who had wages unfairly withheld by the Queensland Government some up to 80 years ago. This landmark case remains Australia's largest human rights class action.

Redress Scheme

A racial discrimination claim was made by our clients in the administration of the Queensland Government’s Redress Scheme for First Nations people who were unfairly denied compensation for the abuse and neglect suffered in mission-run dormitories in Cape York. Settlements were obtained for over 500 claimants.

Under-Award Wages

We obtained settlements for a large number of First Nations workers in Cape York paid below the stipulated wage.

Wik decision

We represented the Thayorre People in the historic High Court case known as the Wik decision. This landmark ruling examined whether statutory leases extinguished native title rights and left an enduring legal legacy.

Bottoms English Lawyers is proud to use our expertise as litigators to drive meaningful change in the lives of our clients and the broader community. Our commitment to upholding the principles of fairness, equality, and justice remains unwavering.